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   The Rotary Club of Niwot   
Niwot, Colorado, USA
Est. 2008

 Rotary Club of Niwot

Our  Projects Chairperson is Ron Bernal (rbernal@niwotrotary.org)

Projects generally fall into the categories below. Under each category are shown the projects we have and are performing at this time.

Give Ron a call to join in as a leader or participant for these projects. His email is rbernal@niwotrotary.org.

Community Projects

  • Rotarians At Work Day {April 24, 2010, this year and always in late April--Whistle Stop Caboose restoration work this year*}

  • Niwot Clean-Up Day, May 16, at Niwot High School

  • Annual Niwot 4th of July Parades

  • Nostalgia Days Participation (starting 2012 a Classic Car Show is being sponsored)

  • Whistle stop Park and Niwot Children's Park support

  • Rock N Rails support

  • Habitat for Humanity and Community Food Share - (chair: Ron Bernal)


International Projects

  • ShelterBox USA support--We sent 3 $1000 Shelter Boxes to Haiti

  • Crutches4Africa (Chair is Kirk Stewart)

  • Empowerment International

  • Two new water projects

Fund Raising

  • Annual Oktoberfest (1st Saturday of October each year). Proceeds to benefit Polio Day (Oct 24). Oktoberfest (Chair is Margaret Hix)

  • Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting is an annual event in May or June

  • Pancake Breakfasts in Niwot (Bert Steele)

  • Bolder Boulder race starting line hosts

  • August Peach Sales of Western Slope Peaches (July sales orders, early August deliveries)

Projects Summary
Community Projects

  1. We support the Niwot Grange #9 and do their website. (Visit www.lefthandgrange.org.)

  2. We host the website for the Niwot Historical Society (www.niwothistoricalsociety.org), The Niwot Community Band (www.niwotcommunityband.org), the Niwot Cultural Arts Association (www.niwotculturalarts.org) and provide consulting to the Boulder Garden Club, Anna's Orphanage.

  3. We contribute to the purchase of the railroad car in Whistle Stop Park and will be scrapping, painting, and restoring in support of the Niwot Community Association in 2010.

  4. We are building a children's playground in Whistle Stop Park (different from the new Niwot Children Park across the road).

  5. We are supporting the NCAA and NBA in the creation of the Children's Park and Sculpture Park on Niwot Road (Eddie's Native Arapaho tree sculptures there).

  6. The 4th of July Parade was our first high-visibility community project and is now an annual porgram.

  7. We participated in Niwot Nostalgia Days and are expanding our participation.

  8. Our Rotarians at Work Day project each April is a community clean-up or improvement that varies by need each year.

Educational/Vocational Projects

  1. Two educational projects are dictionaries for Niwot Elementary School and translation dictionaries for ELL classes at Niwot High School. See our dictionary project page.

  2. Student of the Month project to recognize outstanding students at Niwot High School and their contributions to the school and the community. Student of the Month page.

International Projects

  1. Our most spectacular project so far was the response to the Earthquake disaster in Haiti. In one meeting, the Thursday meeting after the quake, we raised the funds to immediately send 3 Shelter Boxes to Haiti. Amazing; and it beat Jo's old club in Carlsbad, CA. www.ShelterBoxUSA.org.

  2. One of the prime objectives is the eradication of polio worldwide. The Niwot Rotary  club is fully participating in the effort having contributed $75 per member  on our Charter Day to Rotary International's fund raising effort. That money is matched 100% by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. On Oct 24, 2009 we will be participating in RI's final push to raise funds to stop polio.

  3. Crutches 4 Africa--See our C4A project page under Service Pages.

  4. We are continually looking at several international projects for polio eradication, clean water, green computers, and education in South America and Africa. We frequently have very interesting speakers in those areas and the club is continually considering projects where we can help.

  5. Two NEW water projects are under discussion for our support an participation. Yea, we go international!

Fund Raising Projects

  1. We were the Bolder Boulder Race starting line hosts in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

  2. The sales of western slope peaches raises several hundred dollars that helps local Niwot projects.

  3. An annual Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting in May or June.

  4. An annual Niwot Oktoberfest on the first Saturday of October.

The Rotary Club of Niwot is responsible for the content of this web site and we promote community and international service to help make our home a better place.
latest update: July 12, 2012.

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