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The Rotary Club of Niwot 
Niwot, Colorado, USA
Est. 2008

Rotarians At Work Day
April 25, 2009

On April 25, 2009 over 76,000 Rotarians from around the world performed hands-on projects in their communities. What started as a joint district project in 2005-2006, has grown to encompass at least 26 Districts throughout the world.

Rotarians At Work (RAW) Day is a grass-roots program where the Rotary Clubs in each participating district select and perform hands-on projects in their local community all on the same day.  In 2005-2006, Bob Watson, then the District Governor of that District 5340, envisioned a time when all Rotarians around the world would be working on community projects on the same day.

In Niwot, our members from The Rotary Club of Niwot pulled fence and barbed wire from the ditch boundaries and open space adjoining the Niwot Loop Trail, which improved the appearance and user safety of the of the trail and public spaces. We then moved downtown on to 2nd Ave. and removed weeds and trash and cleaned street gutters.

At the Niwot Loop Trail

                        Partial Crew Group Photo              


Post Pullers Dennis and Jeanine

      Margaret and Jo                    Dale on the wire                     Maryann                       Steve
Weeding in Downtown
                                        Matt, Margaret, Karen, Dale and Dennis
  Photos by Jo Kirkenear and David Page.  

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