Mar 23, 2023 7:30 AM
Helaine Reiner
The Authentic you - Life Coaching for moms and their teen daughters

Two years ago Helaine was a Middle School Science teacher. Having taught science since her mid-twenties. She loved the creativity of coming up with engaging lessons and connecting and inspiring my students.

Then Covid changed the landscape. She taught from home and Zoomed with her students. What  initially was a surreal experience eventually became normal. In October 2020 she was told by her principal that in person classes were about to resume. But nothing would be like how it was. She was to be fully present with her students in the classroom, plus be fully present with the other half of the class who were at home over Zoom. She could no longer teach in her Science classroom but needed to bring her supplies from room to room on a wobbly cart. Her students needed to do hands-on experiments yet they could not touch anything nor be closer than 6 feet apart. A complete mess of instructions!

She was so stressed and so angry. It was ridiculous what she was being asked to do. She seriously considered resigning but of course she did not. She loved her students. The night before first day back she lay in bed so very upset. How could she possibly answer these challenges? From that dark place she eventually found her answer. 

She needed to show up differently. There was so much that was out of her control. The perfectionist that she was needed to stay home. There was no place for her in this new world. In this new world she needed to laugh when things did not work the way that she expected them to. She needed to be far more flexible. She needed to grow her creativity. And she needed to be authentic and vulnerable with her students because she no longer knew everything. 

As she moved into her new career as a Life Coach this is the question that she helped her clients answer for themself, what lesson is life offering? Life will tap us on the shoulder gently asking us to dig a bit deeper, to expand ourselves. But if we do not heed the call, the tapping gets louder and often becomes more painful. No matter how uncomfortable life can become there is still a lesson there.

She takes her clients on a holistic journey where we seek the root of the problem.