Jun 08, 2023 7:30 AM
Dr Gary Koyen
A Healthy Heart

Dr. Gary Koyen - BIO

Gary Koyen has devoted his career to the study of human excellence, human performance, leadership, mental health, and physical vitality. He has guided over 150,000 people in their quest for personal and professional effectiveness and quality of life. His mission over the past 15 years has been to help reverse the epidemic of chronic disease that has developed over the past 60 years.  He guides people to achieve longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives.


Heart Health Presentation Description:

The Truth About Heart Disease: The New Hidden Science

Cardiovascular disease kills about 1/3 of Americans, or roughly 900,000 people per year. This plague of heart disease is our most unaddressed health catastrophe. Learn the truth about heart disease – what causes it and how to prevent, halt, or even reverse it. The good news: Risk of heart attack and stroke can be reduced by 90-95%. Hardened arteries can be decalcified in over half of people. Learn about the causes of heart attack and stroke, and the hidden tragedy of standard cardiac tests and treatments. Learn how to virtually eliminate your risk of premature death from heart attack and stroke.