May 11, 2023 7:30 AM
Garrett Braun
The Kiva Center

Garrett Braun is a weirdo. The kind of weirdo that sees the world in his own unique way. The kind of weirdo that we all truly are, but some aren't willing to show the world. Garrett enjoys trying to imitate the sounds of nature, he's best at the chicken. You will find him trying to sing along to a song, not by the lyrics, but by imitating the instruments (this annoys Kasey). You will also find Garrett with a tool belt and drill in his hands fixing things around our property. He is a natural problem-solver and leader. His goal as executive director is to empower each and every member of the Kiva Center community by finding the perfect role for them to flourish. He holds dear that the Kiva Center is a place that should fill everyone's bucket through fulfilling and meaningful opportunities to share our gifts with the world. He is a man of service, care, and passion. He is certain that every living being on this planet exists with a gift in their soul that they are meant to share with the world, and his mission is to create a space where people can feel that in their bones.